Travelling with cannabis medicine

In Australia, cannabis medicines are regulated within a medical framework to ensure the health and safety of patients. The prescription of cannabis medicines is regulated at a state and territory level.

Travelling to NSW 

While exemptions may apply under certain conditions for travellers carrying cannabis medicines into Australia, these only apply to people with a prescription from a medical practitioner who have had the cannabis medicine supplied in accordance with that prescription (i.e. by dispensing through a pharmacist, rather than supply through some other form of retail or other mechanism). Cannabis medicines provided in countries by mechanisms other than a prescription may not meet the legal requirements of the Customs (Prohibited Import) Regulations 1956. For further information, visit the Office of Drug Control’s website.

Possession of cannabis which has not been obtained legally under NSW law is an offence, however enforcing compliance with this is at the discretion of police. A small quantity of a medicine prescribed and dispensed legally for you in that state or territory (that is, with approval/authority from the TGA and the state or territory regulator if necessary) would likely be allowed. We recommend you carry a prescription or letter from your doctor describing the cannabis medicine you are taking and how much you are bringing with you. Keep the medicine in the packaging and labelling as dispensed by the pharmacist. 

Travelling within Australia

State and territory governments have specific requirements about prescription and possession of cannabis medicines (including cannabis medicine products other than cannabidiol). These differ between each state and territory and may include that a prescription from a medical practitioner registered in that state or territory is required for lawful possession of the medicine.

It is strongly recommended that you contact the state/territory health department at your destination prior to travelling with medicinal cannabis products.

Travelling overseas

Cannabis medicines that are legally obtained in NSW may be considered an illegal or controlled substance overseas. If you intend to take medication, confirm it's legal in your destination. Check if any rules or restrictions apply. Depending on your medication, you may need to apply for a permit to bring it into your destination. Airlines and cruise ship operators may also have restrictions on what you can carry on board. Please see the Australian Government’s Smartraveller website for more information about travelling overseas with medications.