Medicinal Cannabis Compassionate Use Scheme

The Medicinal Cannabis Compassionate Use Scheme provides guidelines for NSW Police officers about using their discretion not to charge adults with a terminal illness for possession of cannabis not lawfully prescribed if they are registered with the Scheme, as well as up to three registered carers.

NSW residents who are aged 18 years and over who have a terminal illness are eligible to be registered with the Scheme.

How to register for the Medicinal Cannabis Compassionate Use Scheme 

To register for the Scheme, a medical practitioner who is registered in Australia and involved in the patient’s ongoing care must certify that the person has a terminal illness as defined by the Scheme. A person may nominate up to three carers aged 18 years and over to be registered under the Scheme, however a person may only be nominated as the carer for a maximum of three adults with a terminal illness. The registration form to be completed by yourself and your medical practitioner is below.

The Scheme does not supply cannabis or cannabis products or endorse the use of cannabis products not lawfully prescribed. There are legal pathways for a medical practitioner to prescribe a cannabis medicine for their patient, if the practitioner believes it is an appropriate treatment option.