For patients and members of the public

If you have a general enquiry, please contact us via the NSW Health online enquiry form

For medical practitioners and other health professionals

If you have an enquiry about using a cannabis medicine to treat a patient, see:

Clinical guidance for cannabis medicine prescribers 

Or email:


If you have an enquiry about authorisations to prescribe, please contact:

Pharmaceutical Regulatory Unit, NSW Ministry of Health:

Phone: (02) 9391 9944



If you have an enquiry relating to products not approved for use in Australia, please contact:

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)

Phone: (02) 6232 8106 or email for enquiries about clinical trials

Phone: (02) 6232 8644 or email for enquiries about the Special Access Scheme

Phone: (02) 6232 8866 for enquiries about the Authorised Prescriber scheme


For industry 

If you have an enquiry about NSW licences to manufacture and/or supply cannabis medicines by wholesale, please contact:

Pharmaceutical Services, NSW Ministry of Health



If you have an enquiry about importation, cultivation, production or manufacture of cannabis medicines, contact:

The Office of Drug Control 

Phone: (02) 6232 8433 for general enquiries regarding the cultivation of medicinal cannabis

Phone: (02) 6232 8648 for enquiries relating to completing a medicinal cannabis manufacturing or import licence/permit application

Phone: (02) 6232 8740 for all other enquiries