For patients and members of the public

If you have a general enquiry, please contact the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis Research and Innovation using our online enquiry form 

For medical practitioners and other health professionals

If you have an enquiry about using a cannabis medicine to treat a patient, see:

Clinical guidance for cannabis medicine prescribers 

Or email:


If you have an enquiry about authorisations to prescribe, please contact:

Pharmaceutical Regulatory Unit, NSW Ministry of Health:

Phone: (02) 9391 9944



If you have an enquiry relating to products not approved for use in Australia, please contact:

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)

Phone: (02) 6232 8106 or email for enquiries about clinical trials

Phone: (02) 6232 8644 or email for enquiries about the Special Access Scheme

Phone: (02) 6232 8866 for enquiries about the Authorised Prescriber scheme


For industry 

If you have an enquiry about NSW licences to manufacture and/or supply cannabis medicines by wholesale, please contact:

Pharmaceutical Services, NSW Ministry of Health



If you have an enquiry about importation, cultivation, production or manufacture of cannabis medicines, contact:

The Office of Drug Control 

Phone: (02) 6232 8433 for general enquiries regarding the cultivation of medicinal cannabis

Phone: (02) 6232 8648 for enquiries relating to completing a medicinal cannabis manufacturing or import licence/permit application

Phone: (02) 6232 8740 for all other enquiries