Palliative care trial currently recruiting

Palliative care trial currently recruiting

The clinical trial investigating the effect of THC on appetite in patients with terminal cancer is currently recruiting participants. 

Following the successful completion of stage 1 of the trial, in August 2022 this trial progressed to the next stage. This stage is investigating the effect of oral delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) on anorexia-related symptoms in people with advanced cancer. The outcomes of interest are appetite-related symptoms and concerns, including altered taste and smell sensations, quality of life, relief of other symptoms and side effects. Appetite is particularly important in end-of-life situations as food is a central part of any social gathering. These events can be challenging for people in palliative care if they have developed an aversion to food and its smell. 

To participate please speak to your treating doctor.

Further information on the trial can be found here